Monday, October 5, 2015

It Starts with a Chair

It seems as though I am right on schedule. Predictably just a little over two months postpartum I'm getting the decorating itch. It happened with Audrey and I gave our living room at the time a bit of a spruce. It happened with Owen (although I'm not sure I can really blame him as we had also just moved into our house the week before he was born, so everything needed decorating). But I do distinctly remember styling the open shelving in our kitchen, and climbing up and down a step stool with him in a front pack. And now it's happening again with Ella. I fully blame the babies and their need to eat. I spend countless hours sitting in various spot around the house while Ella eats which gives me far too much time to stare at whichever room I'm in and start decorating it, or redecorating it as the case may be, in my mind.

I think it's high time I start actually putting all those plans into action.

So I'm starting with this chair, and another one just like it. They are going in our living room to replace a couple of chairs that have seen much better days. I found these two at Tuesday Morning last week and am pretty sure I love them. And just in case I don't the tags are still on and I have 39 more days to change my mind before the return policy runs out.

Hopefully they will give me just the jumpstart I need to embrace our tan couches and really pull the rest of the room together.

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