Wednesday, September 2, 2015


For the first time this year I planted hollyhock seeds last spring. Whenever I plant with seeds it always feels a bit like Christmas when you catch the first glimpse of the plant breaking through the ground. And it is so mesmerizing to watch such a small seed turn into a big plant. 

To be honest, when I picked out the packet of hollyhock seeds at our local farm supply store I wasn't sure what a hollyhock really looked liked. There is no way I could have picked one out of a line-up. I just knew, from reading the back of the packet, it grew tall, liked sun, and would re-seed itself. Plus,  the picture on the front looked pretty. Luckily, they haven't disappointed and are quite possibly my new favorite flower.

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  1. When did they start to bloom? I'm thinking of planting them along with sunflowers on the outside edge of the arched window. They would be very visible from the living room/kitchen. Thank you for the good idea!

    1. They started blooming several weeks ago. They would definitely be beautiful mixed in with sunflowers.