Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Spring Fever

We have had the first small hints of spring lately. Warmer weather, sunny afternoons, and spring bulbs are starting to make their appearance. It seems too early for all of this, especially when I read about the frigid temperatures in the rest of the country, but not one to complain about springs arrival we are making the most of it. Which means most of our time has been spent outside.

I've even had a chance to sneak into the garden a few times, mostly pulling the weeds that are threatening to take over. More exciting than pulling weeds though, I planted 36 asparagus plants and one rhubarb plant.

I found both bare root and decided to give them a try. From what I understand this year we won't be able to harvest any of the asparagus, I was told to let it sprout, go to seed, dry up, and then cut it back and that next year we will have our first crop. Considering asparagus is one of the most asked for vegetables around here (Audrey proclaims her love for her it every time we have it) my fingers are crossed this works. The rhubarb though should be good to go later this spring, just in time for strawberry rhubarb pie!

Otherwise, I am having to remind myself that it is still February and we have several more months ahead of us before we are in the clear from frozen overnight temperatures. This spring like weather has me wanting to plant the whole garden.

For now, I'll just have to be patient.

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  1. We are also enjoying spring asparagus! So tasty and love the leftovers cold! We need to plant some too!