Thursday, January 8, 2015

Why, Hello January

Is it really already January? 

Wasn't it just Thanksgiving? Weren't we just Christmas tree hunting? I'm pretty sure we just pulled all the Christmas decorations out and started listening to Christmas music.

Owen found his favorite place behind the Christmas tree.
Needless to say, December seems like a whirlwind. There wasn't any one big thing that made it go so quickly, I mean other than the whole celebrating Jesus' birth thing, which is pretty huge, but other than that it was a lot of little things, school shows, a few parties, lots of visits with family. 

Audrey was sure she wanted to make a cranberry and popcorn chain for her Christmas tree. I don't think it ever got longer than about 6 inches, but somehow that whole bowl of popcorn still disappeared. 
Now Audrey is back to school and we are starting to get back to a bit of a routine. I didn't make any big New Year's resolutions this year. I usually don't. But there are definitely a few things on my to-do list for the year that I would really like to get done.

Swinging with Grandpa in his new moose hat.
At the top of my list is getting caught up with all my pictures. My mom is the best at keeping photo albums, she started around the time my sister was born and still has them caught up to within a month. The albums are all numbered, I think she is somewhere around 30 right now. It is impressive. And as much as I would love to emulate her and her photo album abilities I have fallen short, I'm nearly three years behind on pictures. This is the year that changes, I am catching up. Also on the list are a few landscaping projects and a little sprucing up of some rooms inside. 

I'm excited for everything 2015 has to offer and am looking forward to another year of fun and laughs with this great family of mine. 

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  1. Correction....we're on photo album #53