Thursday, November 6, 2014


When we moved from Sacramento two and a half years ago we were lucky enough to get to use a moving company, thanks to Bryce's employer. It was quite possibly the greatest thing ever to have someone come and pack up all our stuff, load it, and move it. The only downside was that we were moving into a rental so we still had to move it all ourselves when we moved into our new house. While we were in the rental anything we didn't need stayed boxed up. We knew we were short timers and didn't want to unpack just to have to repack.

Now, 19 months after moving into our new house and two and a half years after having originally been packed I can finally say I've unpacked all the boxes. The last box held a great print from the National Gallery in London. I really like the print, but just didn't know where to put it.

We have this extra large opening above our TV and I really have been stumped on how to fill it. The other day I decided some sort of large framed thing would be good and it dawned on me that this one was still boxed up. It fits perfectly in the opening above our TV and I am enjoying not seeing a big empty white box anymore!

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