Tuesday, November 18, 2014

One Pretty Flower Girl

We had a wonderful weekend away this last weekend. We headed a few hours south to my in-laws house. Although everyone was excited for a little getaway, Audrey's enthusiasm had us all beat by a mile. You see, not only were we spending the weekend with her grandparents, but she was also the flower girl in the wedding of one of Bryce's closest friends growing up. Before this I don't think she had a concept of what a flower girl was, but as soon as we explained it, it was like a dream come true to her. 

When it came time to decide what to wear we consulted the bride and groom and their only request was something white, otherwise Audrey could choose. When I relayed that message to Audrey her reply was, "Great, I want a really, really long, and really, really, really poofy dress with a bow on the back and flowers." 

So twelve yards of tulle, one yard of satin, and six inches of chiffon later that is what she got. This was one of those trial by fire kinds of sewing projects. Much to my mother's chagrin, I didn't have any sort of pattern and just kind of winged it as I went. There are definitely a few imperfections, but luckily they weren't easily noticeable.

As soon as she put it on she said, "Mom, don't I look like a princess?" Success!

She was absolutely beautiful walking down the aisle and throwing the flower petals. It definitely brought a tear to my eye. And then she danced her little heart out at the reception. She stayed until the final songs were playing and went back to the house just beaming. She also came back with holes in her dress and tights from a fall and holes in her new shoes from running and dancing so much. All in all I think she had the perfect day. 

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  1. She was beautiful and it was so much fun to watch her enjoy every part of the event! I love the picture of her and her Daddy walking! Very, very fun weekend!