Monday, November 10, 2014

Hold Still and Smile

A couple of days ago I decided to attempt a very mini "photoshoot", using that term extremely loosely, with the kids. They are growing so quickly I didn't want this stage to go by without at least one good photo of them together. Ha! I should have just asked them to solve world peace, it might have been just as easy. No wonder photographers set the prices they do, I would say they earn every single penny of it.

Luckily enough, I think we might have gotten that one decent picture I was after, but we also got a whole bunch of "outtakes" too.

Things started well enough. Both of them at least attempted cooperation and a smile. Unfortunately, Owen also felt he NEEDED to have his hand on his face.

We decided to move things outside which Audrey translated as time for me to take pictures of her doing "cartwheels". As evidenced by this picture she is still trying to figure out just how to do a cartwheel.

Back inside Audrey started doing "princess poses", something she picked up after going to Disneyland and Owen refused to look at me.

But I saved the best for last. I LOVE this picture. While it isn't the beautiful, happy, smiley picture I was after, it sums up our life so perfectly right now... unpredictable, silly, and a whole lot of crazy. Just looking at it makes me smile.

Happy Monday!

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  1. I just love these photos! I also loved the comment…as easy "as asking them to solve world peace"! I so remember trying to get 4 boys to look at the camera at the same time and look reasonably happy! Great post!