Sunday, October 5, 2014


The spring we moved into our house some of our very good friends came from Montana to visit. My friend's parents happen to own a very large seed potato farm so when they came they brought us a few potatoes. We happily ate most of them, but decided to try our hand at planting a few with great success. 

Late last summer we harvested our first small crop of potatoes. We had great plans of saving a few, replanting them and continuing our crop, but life happens, we never got around to it and just chalked it up to a fun experiment but figured our potato days, at least from those potatoes, were over. 

Much to our surprise this spring we noticed three potato starts coming up where the potatoes had been the year before. We carefully transplanted two to a better spot in the garden and waited. 

A couple of weeks ago we dug up our second even smaller crop of potatoes.

We didn't mess around this time and cut them right up and replanted them. With any luck next spring we will see a whole bed of potato starts begin to sprout. 

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