Monday, October 27, 2014

Newest Additions

The farm is continuing to grow. Things were going well with the sheep and chickens so we decided we could handle a couple more animals in the mix. 

Say hello to Elsie and Stripey. 

That is Stripey looking up there. Wondering about the name? Audrey was in charge, which should explain it. And she does have a very small patch of white on her belly.

And down below is Elsie.

The only way I can tell them apart is that Stripey is slightly lighter black than Elsie, otherwise they look pretty similar.

It took a few days for everyone to get acquainted, but now they seem friendly enough with each other. The chickens free range, so they are in the mix too. The chickens don't seem intimidated by any of them and their size, but sometimes the cows get spooked by the chickens and go running which always makes me laugh.

I love looking out the windows and seeing all of the animals grazing. They all seem to be pretty happy in there new home and we are pretty happy with the experience we are getting by having them here.

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