Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

This is the second year that Audrey has had a real opinion about her Halloween costume.

Last year she knew for months beforehand that she was going to be a doctor, "just like dad". We sewed her a pair of scrubs and she even picked the exact color that her dad wears to work. It was awfully cute.

This year I should have been able to guess what she wanted to be. A farmer, again, just like dad, down to the exact overalls he wears when working on projects and taking care of the animals. It is pretty endearing how much she loves him.

Now that she has crossed off his day job and hobby who knows what she will pick for next year.

Luckily at 18 months Owen is still pretty clueless about Halloween, so he gets whatever we have. This year we happened to have a monkey costume in just his size. And really, he makes a pretty cute monkey.

Happy Halloween. I hope everyone has a fun and safe night.


  1. There couldn't be a cuter farmer with her very cute monkey brother! So glad they had a fun Halloween!