Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Union Creek

Yesterday the mister and I celebrated our eighth anniversary.

This is the most recent picture I could find of the two of us together.
It is from July 2nd. That's over two months ago. And it's a pretty darn poor iPhone selfie at that.
 I guess I need to start taking more pictures of the two of us. 
We were doubly lucky because Bryce had the day off and his brother and his super sweet girlfriend were here visiting. We decided to escape the heat and smoke (from many wildfires burning in every direction around us) and head into the hills a bit.

We ended up at Union Creek and explored the Natural Bridge, a place where the Rogue River flows into underground lava tubes. It was beautiful. There is a very easy paved trail to the Natural Bridge and then another easy hiking trail continued up the river from there. It was the perfect hike for two little kids.

I love hiking with the kids. We didn't keep track of how far we went, I'd be surprised if it was even a mile, but watching the kids take it all in is so much fun. Audrey was our fearless leader and Owen made sure to climb on every stump, downed tree, and rock he could find.

The best group shot, minus Bryce, we got. I love it! 
We ended our outing at Beckie's, a small cafe in Union Creek that is famous for their pies. The food was delicious and the pie lived up to its reputation.

It was a pretty perfect way to celebrate the last eight years.


  1. What a wonderful day! Thanks for sharing….love the pictures of all!

  2. What a small world, Union Creek is a favorite family getaway for us too! We try to get up there as often as possible.