Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Spring Fever

We have had the first small hints of spring lately. Warmer weather, sunny afternoons, and spring bulbs are starting to make their appearance. It seems too early for all of this, especially when I read about the frigid temperatures in the rest of the country, but not one to complain about springs arrival we are making the most of it. Which means most of our time has been spent outside.

I've even had a chance to sneak into the garden a few times, mostly pulling the weeds that are threatening to take over. More exciting than pulling weeds though, I planted 36 asparagus plants and one rhubarb plant.

I found both bare root and decided to give them a try. From what I understand this year we won't be able to harvest any of the asparagus, I was told to let it sprout, go to seed, dry up, and then cut it back and that next year we will have our first crop. Considering asparagus is one of the most asked for vegetables around here (Audrey proclaims her love for her it every time we have it) my fingers are crossed this works. The rhubarb though should be good to go later this spring, just in time for strawberry rhubarb pie!

Otherwise, I am having to remind myself that it is still February and we have several more months ahead of us before we are in the clear from frozen overnight temperatures. This spring like weather has me wanting to plant the whole garden.

For now, I'll just have to be patient.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Just popping in to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day (and possibly even explain the lack of posting recently)! I hope it is a day full of fun, laughter, and happiness no matter who you are sharing it with.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The White Couch Plunge

It's February. Yahoo! 

Normally I'm not any more excited about this short month than any other month throughout the year, but January was tough on us this year and I'm ready for a new month. January started with Softie, a bit of a heartbreaker, and ended with Bryce, Owen and I getting the flu. The last couple of weeks have been full of coughing, sneezing, snot, and lots of laying on the couch.

And while having the flu was less than fun, all that time doing next to nothing laying in the living room gave me a lot of opportunity to think about the current design in there. Generally, it works, not my absolute dream design, but it serves its purpose pretty well. I know it could be better though.

So of course, what else is a girl to do, I turned to trusty Pinterest to see what ideas I could get. Here are a few of my favorites.

My current style definitely falls under the category of "cottage" and while all of these rooms interpret that a little differently I kept noticing one thing in common... the white couches. I am seeing all of these beautiful cottage-y living rooms and they all have taken the plunge with the white couch.

There are so many questions I have for the people that actually live in these houses. Does it really stay white? Do you have kids? Pets? Husbands? Aren't you sick of washing the slipcover every other week?

In fact, my in-laws recently redid their living room (I can't wait to share pictures soon, it's beautiful) and they took the white couch plunge. I love how it makes their living room so bright and cheery. But, I also know me and I couldn't stand if the couches were dirty and I also know that right now I have no less than four loads of laundry piled on the floor of our bedroom waiting to be folded. Do I really want to commit to adding couch slipcovers to that?

Maybe someday, but for now, with two kids, a husband, and a whole lot of dirt that gets brought in from outside, I think I'll stick to my "tan" (oh, I cringe even typing that) couches and try to play up the cottage in other ways.

Friday, January 16, 2015


This week. My goodness. I am pretty sure that last Friday was an eternity ago.

What a contradiction, I was just saying that December flew by, and now... well, welcome to the slowest week. ever.

And this cute little thing is going to take some of the blame.

Well him, Curly is what he's been named, along with his twin sister, Mo, on the right.

And their half-brothers, twins also, Larry on the left and White Tipped Tail on the right.

Also, we can't forget about their other half-sisters, another set of twins, Two-Dot on the left and Softie 2 on the right.

These six were all born within 24 hours of each other. Needless to say, it's lambing season around here.

And while having six lambs born was a bit of a to do around here, these guys all made it as easy as possible on us. Yes, there has still been a little work and doting involved, but mostly they've done everything they're supposed to do on their own.

But there was actually another lamb, Softie, born a couple of days before this bunch, that was a different story.

To make a long story short, Softie's mom's milk never came it. Softie got hungry, which led to getting really cold and despite all of our best efforts, which included bottle feeding, several warm baths and an evening inside by the fire, she just didn't make it. I'm going to be honest, I was never that attached to Softie, but there were two little kids around here whose hearts had been stolen. Having to tell Audrey and Owen that the little lamb that was laying in our living room that they had said goodnight to didn't make it through the night was definitely a new parenthood low. Just thinking about having to tell them what happened was enough to bring me to tears.

Luckily though we've bounced back. Watching those cuties up there bounce around the pasture has been a lot of fun and taken sad little minds off of Softie.

We aren't quite done yet though, we still have one more mom waiting to have babies. I feel for her. At this point she looks ready to be done. I know I would be. So who knows by the end of the weekend we may just have a couple more little lambs around here.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Why, Hello January

Is it really already January? 

Wasn't it just Thanksgiving? Weren't we just Christmas tree hunting? I'm pretty sure we just pulled all the Christmas decorations out and started listening to Christmas music.

Owen found his favorite place behind the Christmas tree.
Needless to say, December seems like a whirlwind. There wasn't any one big thing that made it go so quickly, I mean other than the whole celebrating Jesus' birth thing, which is pretty huge, but other than that it was a lot of little things, school shows, a few parties, lots of visits with family. 

Audrey was sure she wanted to make a cranberry and popcorn chain for her Christmas tree. I don't think it ever got longer than about 6 inches, but somehow that whole bowl of popcorn still disappeared. 
Now Audrey is back to school and we are starting to get back to a bit of a routine. I didn't make any big New Year's resolutions this year. I usually don't. But there are definitely a few things on my to-do list for the year that I would really like to get done.

Swinging with Grandpa in his new moose hat.
At the top of my list is getting caught up with all my pictures. My mom is the best at keeping photo albums, she started around the time my sister was born and still has them caught up to within a month. The albums are all numbered, I think she is somewhere around 30 right now. It is impressive. And as much as I would love to emulate her and her photo album abilities I have fallen short, I'm nearly three years behind on pictures. This is the year that changes, I am catching up. Also on the list are a few landscaping projects and a little sprucing up of some rooms inside. 

I'm excited for everything 2015 has to offer and am looking forward to another year of fun and laughs with this great family of mine. 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas Tree Hunt

It's been a little quiet around here. I have to guess that that is how it will be for the next month or so. Our calendar is full of Christmas parties, a birthday party, school shows, church activities and visits with family; all of which put this little blog on the back burner. Hopefully I'll have a minute to pop in here or there. 

My brother, sister and both of their families were able to come our way for Thanksgiving this year. We spent most of the week at my parents house watching the cousins play. It is so fun to see them all together. 

The Friday after Thanksgiving we headed up to the mountains to find Christmas trees. 

"Eye black" courtesy of her uncle. 
Last year we started a new tradition that Audrey could pick a tree to have in her room. The "rules" are that you have to be two years old and the tree has to be shorter than you. She definitely is over two, but her and her dad decided to ignore that whole part about the height. Oh well. 

Unfortunately for Owen they also miscalculated where the tree was going to fall after they cut it. Poor guy was right in its path. He wasn't amused, but everyone else thought it was pretty funny. 

We've been decorating all around the house this week. Nothing too fancy, but a little splash of Christmas here and there. Audrey's tree is up in her room strung with multi-colored lights. She thinks it makes the perfect night light. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Last of the Garden

It is time to close up the garden for the year around these parts. I haven't mastered any sort of winter gardening yet, so this is the end of my season.

Our temperatures dipped pretty low at the beginning of the week, mid 20s overnight, and that really did it for all of the summer vegetables that had been trying to hang on. It was time to say goodbye to the peppers and all of the marigolds, which add so much color throughout the summer, had to go too.

I had pulled a lot of the other plants weeks ago. Either they had stopped producing or it was just not warm enough for anything to ripen.

These are the last of our carrots for the year. Our harvest was pretty small, but they are so sweet and delicious. We have a few beets and some kale that still look good so I will limp those along as long as I can.

It's a little sad to look out and see the mostly empty boxes (and the work the still needs to be done to clean everything up!) But it is also exciting to start thinking about next years garden. We hope to put in permanent drip lines to all the beds and some sort of "pretty" ground cover between them in the spring.

This is the first year we have had a garden big enough to really produce a lot, I rarely had to buy any produce at the store throughout the summer. I loved that. I still have a lot to learn and there are plenty of changes I'll make next year, but overall I'm calling this a great year of gardening.